Hawk & Handsaw was founded by James Taylor and Stephen Douglas. Both have over a decade of experience at leading agencies such as Pearlfisher, Brandopus, Bloom and FTI Consulting. The combined specialties of premium branding and packaging with corporate and business design creates a studio capable of generating many interesting and unexpected solutions at once.


We design and produce: branding, logo, art, illustration, packaging, print, digital, environment, animation, social, signage, words and adverts.


We are a strong and agile group of friendly and dedicated people. All incredibly skilled in our various specialities after many years of experience in a range of industries. We combine to deliver full-service to our clients.

all together

We are an independent, design-led creative business. We form lasting partnerships with our clients throughout Europe and Australasia working towards the most intelligent and beautiful solution to any given problem. Put more simply, we design by thinking.