Goldie Rox

Making jewellery mouth-watering.


Rox has a passion for two things; food and fine jewellery. For her first piece, a gold burger ring she needed a brand and packaging.

design by thinking

The logo elongated the classic diner checkerboard pattern into diamonds to reflect the jewellery emerging from the brand. This spirit continued with the personal ‘Rox’ sign-off indicative of any self-respecting eatery.

Takeaway something special

The ring box simply had to comment on the subject matter and, like the brand, fuse jewellery and food. A tapered box held the ring securely while evoking that classic takeaway box shape.

“They listened to me, learnt about me as a person, how I represent my brand, my story, and created a brand, and a logo that I am very proud of. I will continue to work with Hawk & Handsaw, to ensure that my brand identity is growing with my brand year after year.”


Roxanne Rajcoomar