Harry Specters

Chocolate for thought.


Harry Specters blend award-winning handmade chocolates and positive social change for Autistic people. Along with Mona, Shaz, their son Ash, who has Autism, and daughter Mina we embarked upon a journey to transform the brand and it’s touchpoints.

Design by thinking

The name ‘Harry Specters’ was in fact imagined by Ash, a whimsical personality was created and became the brand name. We honoured this imaginary man by crafting a signature infused with the swirls of imagination and expression. The result, a spirited and exciting mystery man to entice chocolate lovers.

A ‘spectrum’ of colours leant themselves to SKU differentiation as well as fun and memorable naming such as ‘marvellous milk’. The imaginative swirls transformed from the core logo into spot glosses, foils and even windows in packaging. This a design that completely reflects the brandmark and, by extension, the brand.


The redesign provided a much needed boost to the brand as well as everyone working at Harry Specters. The direct sales increased 107% following redesign as Harry Specters continue to grow year on year.