Keep the doctor away.


The team at Wildmeds pride themselves on foraging for the highest quality and most effective natural medicines. Together they distribute all manner of natural wonders to the nation. We joined them at the beginning of their journey to build a brand and packaging solution in harmony with their values.

Design by thinking

The brand identity harmoniously combines the classic medicinal cross while re-purposing the traditional twin serpents as the hands of the forager. The brand therefore supports the human being as well as the environment. The dual focus on the environment and the people within it is central to the entire brand and all of it’s touchpoints.

Mountains to mail-boxes

We worked to ensure the packaging could hold various combinations of order while fitting neatly through letter-boxes. And, in the fashion of the brand the packaging is as bio-degradable, recyclable and environmentally healthy as current standards will allow.

Prescription packaging

Referencing the traditional prescription look and feel both reinforced a medicinal notion while being environmentally responsible. Small, single colour labels on recycled paper are all that’s needed.